A form fillable OD&D character sheet.

One of my white whales is to run an OD&D campaign using the three LBBs, or at the very least a retroclone like Full Metal Plate Mail or Delving Deeper. I've never been able to find a form fillable PDF version of the character sheet, so I had a friend help me out. Here it is for your downloading pleasure.

A Pamphlet-Sized Post Apocalypse: A review of The Mutants of Ixx by Karl Stjernberg.

This art-punk RPG harkens back to mini-comics and zines of the 80s and 90s – small and dense and DIY to the core. The entire game, which features a player’s guide and game master’s guide, fits on two sheets of paper, marked to fold into three-panel brochures. I can’t help but think this is a piss-take on bloated multi-volume games. If D&D 5e is Emerson, Lake and Palmer, then The Mutants of Ixx is Stiff Little Fingers.