20 Milestone Talents for Index Card Roleplaying Game

ICRPG uses loot as a substitute for levelling. In other words, you are what you own – much like Ben Milton’s Knave (which may be more familiar to the OSR crowd). The better your loot, the more powerful you are.

GMs may also grant milestones – specialized loot custom-made for the PC, granted upon completion of some significant quest or challenge.

This list provides an alternative way to mark milestones using specialized talents. A PC may have no more than one of these at a time, and they do not count as loot for encumbrance purposes – they are tags with mechanical muscle. The GM should offer the talent that best reflects the player’s style of play.

  1. HANDY: if you have the components, you can build it.
  2. THRIFTY: haggling is always EASY for you.
  3. DIRTY: instead of doing damage, you can elect to stun an opponent for one round with a low blow.
  4. SPOOKY: you can talk to ghosts.
  5. SLIPPERY: you always escape from your bonds.
  6. SNEAKY: all stealth roles are EASY.
  7. SCHOLARLY: If you pass an INT roll, you know what you’re talking about.
  8. ICY: You are immune to fear.
  9. EDGY: CHR rolls are EASY when you try to intimidate someone.
  10. GORY: Your attacks are so violent they do an additional 1D4 damage. You must describe that damage in loving detail.
  11. LUCKY: You may re-roll any roll once per session.
  12. READY: You always attack first.
  13. BRAWNY: All STR rolls are easy.
  14. DEADLY: a natural 20 does 1d20 ultimate damage once per session.
  15. HEARTY: You shrug off 1d10 points of damage once per combat.
  16. STEADY: Your first shot with a ranged weapon is always EASY.
  17. TRICKY: Sleight of hand, pick pocketing and cheating at cards is EASY.
  18. FOOLHARDY: When you attempt a really reckless stunt (“Hold my beer”) it’s an EASY roll.
  19. PREDATORY: Tracking and hunting rolls vs WIS are EASY.
  20. BLOODTHIRSTY: If your strike kills an opponent, you automatically get a second attack.

For other hacks and houserules for ICRPG, check out the Runehammer forums.

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